Keeping computers secure and protected against threats has never been harder. With more than 12 million new and variant strains of malware emerging each month, tracking and mitigating each threat has become an enormously challenging task for all security vendors. Compounding the problem is the fact that both malware and the mechanisms used to deliver it have become increasingly sophisticated. Trusted websites can be compromised and used to launch complex script-based attacks that cycle through multiple exploits. Advanced packaging methods are deployed to conceal malicious payloads. These malware can also actively disable known security software at the time of installation and during operation by killing antimalware or software firewall processes. Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter provide cybercriminals with personal data for exploitation through social engineering and can enable malware to spread faster than ever. If a malware may once have taken days or even weeks to propagate, it can now reach millions of computers in hours. Combined, these factors make it exceptionally difficult to effectively detect and block malware using conventional methods and technology.

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